Initiative 1033
This is Tim Eyman's latest attempt to turn Washington state into Oklahoma, this time by capping revenue growth at Dust Bowl-era levels.

Be sure to carefully scour your ballot, because whoever designed that thing hid I-1033 in the column under the voting instructions. One hope I have is that anyone dumb enough to vote "YES" on this initiative will also be too dumb to even find it on their ballot. VOTE NO.
Referendum 71
Oh man, the lameness of this even going to the voters boils my blood. If Referendum 71 passes it will simply affirm the "everything but marriage" bill written into law by our state legislature and governor earlier this year, giving full domestic partner benefits to same-sex couples (as well as some seniors regardless of gender). Opponents argue that the passage of R-71 will "lead us down the road to gay marriage". We can only hope so. VOTE APPROVE.
County Executive
Susan Hutchison thinks evolution should be taught as science. Susan Hutchison thinks the government should mandate what a woman does with her body. Susan Hutchison read the "news" on a local TV station for 20 years and now thinks she can run a county of 2 million people. Susan Hutchison is an empty suit propped up by King County's corporate elite who would love nothing more than to privatize everything from roads to schools to your toilet. This woman could (and would) do serious damage to our county's public infrastructure. Her opponent will not. VOTE DOW CONSTANTINE.
Sue Rahr should be impeached, not reelected. When she stood up with Susan Hutchison at an October 15 press conference and essentially endorsed Hutchison for King County Executive she breached citizen trust. Unfortunately she is running unopposed and will most likely win. You can still lodge a protest against Rahr by writing in the cleanest cop of all time. VOTE DEPUTY DAWG.
Suzie Burke lives in Fremont, gives tons of money to Republicans and hates bicyclists. She is my sworn enemy. Her name is listed on Lloyd Hara's website as an endorser. This house cannot stand. VOTE BOB ROSENBERGER.
Charter Amendments 1, 2, 3 and 4
The King County Charter is our county's "constitution". It was voted in by The People on November 5, 1968, the same day Richard Nixon won the presidency over Hubert Humphrey and the actor Sam Rockwell was born. Coincidentally Sam Rockwell played journalist James Reston in the 2008 film Frost/Nixon. None of this is relevant to your vote on these amendments, but I am trying to fill this space without reading the fine print in my voter's guide.

I will say that County Councilmember Bob Ferguson's name is on each of these four amendments and I believe he's a guy you can trust. VOTE YES, YES, YES and YES.
Court of Appeals, Division 1, District 1, Position 3
After defeating a challenger in the August primary, Anne Ellington is running unopposed in this race. She is rated "exceptional" by a wide range of groups (King County Bar, GLBT Lawyers, Latina Lawyers, Asian Lawyers, etc), but most importantly she is an Honorary King County Fire Commissioner. And as every great legal mind knows, where there's smoke, there's fire. VOTE ANNE ELLINGTON.
Port Commissioner Position 1
John Creighton is a little creepy. Earlier this year he broke up with his girlfriend and then sent her 89 text messages in a single week after she demanded that he not contact her again. Courts were involved, papers were signed and money was paid. This was not the action of an emotionally stable 43-year-old. Unfortunately Creighton is running unopposed, but you can still withhold your vote and cast your ballot for a guy who knows a thing or two about navigating ports. VOTE CAPTAIN CHESLEY SULLENBERGER.
Port Commissioner Position 3
Matt Hasselbeck supports David Doud for this position. Have you seen the Seahawks play this year? David Doud sells commercial real estate. Have you seen that market lately? Please don't let David Doud near our Port.

Rob Holland has the support of progressives, environmentalists and labor, and the Port is in his blood — his dad worked 34 years for the Washington State Ferries. VOTE ROB HOLLAND.
Port Commissioner Position 4
Tom Albro states in his web bio that while sitting on board of the Municipal League of King County he "worked to increase awareness of the need for governance reform" with the Cascadia Center, a branch of the pro-creationism Discovery Institute. If we have 40 days of torrential rain I want more than an ark to protect our seaport.

Max Vekich is a former state legislator who helped pass strong environmental standards such as the Growth Management and Truth in Labeling Acts. He is strong on labor issues and does not appear to have any ties to Darwin deniers. VOTE MAX VEKICH.
Joe Mallahan is a middle-manager with no experience in civic service (which includes neglecting to even cast a vote in over half our elections). I do not want a neophyte mayor buying himself into office with the goal of "leveraging stakeholder synergy," I want Seattle's mayor to use real words and have real ideas.

Mike McGinn has been falsely painted as a "single-issue candidate" due to his opposition to the deep-bore tunnel. The fact is, his stance on this issue is a reflection of his broader vision for Seattle's transportation and urban planning future. Mike Bikes and Joe Blows. If you don't want Seattle to become a gridlocked mass of cars surrounded by TGIFridays and Chili's, then VOTE MIKE McGINN.
City Attorney
The more I see of current city attorney Tom Carr the more I question his temperament. He’s got the whole Angry Man schtick down, which is not really something I seek in a chief prosecutor. He is from the Bronx so maybe I should cut him some slack, but I fear he's just gonna LOSE IT someday soon. It might be time for Carr to move on and maybe open a flower shop.

Pete Holmes has a Bud Selig hairdo, but don't hate on him for that. He is a huge proponent of police reform and accountability, and the people of Seattle would be well-served to have a citizens' advocate in the city attorney's office. VOTE PETE HOLMES.
City Council Position 2
I really wanted to like the young David Ginsberg. His opponent, Richard Conlin, never responded to an email I sent to him respectfully questioning a decision he made on eliminating bike paths from Nickerson Avenue. Meanwhile David Ginsberg called me personally and asked for my support. What a guy!

But then I discovered that Ginsberg was endorsed by my sworn enemy, Suzie Burke (see above), and that Conlin rides a bike. So I'm giving Conlin another chance to prove himself pro-bike and maybe not blow me off again. VOTE RICHARD CONLIN
City Council Position 4
Somehow last August Sally Bagshaw got 51% of the vote in a five-way primary race. That is an outstanding show of support. I just don't get it. Bagshaw seems like a nice enough person AND she flies an airplane, which is pretty cool. But do I want her on Seattle City Council? No way!

Bagshaw has a ton of endorsements from the same "don't rock the boat crowd" (including Suzie Burke!) that supports most of our current council and Mayor Greg Nickels. We need a new and progressive voice on the council, not another go-along-to-get-along rubber stamp. VOTE DAVID BLOOM.
City Council Position 6
People like Jessie Israel. She has 1450 friends on Facebook. No one likes Nick Licata. Nick Licata asks tough questions. Seattle needs that. VOTE NICK LICATA.
City Council Position 8
Robert Rosencrantz is the kind of guy who will look you in the eye and tell you something you don't want to hear. I can totally respect that. Unfortunately most of what this guy says is stuff I don't want to hear.

Rosencrantz is also a former teen champion racewalker. His opponent, former Sierra Club chair Mike O'Brien, is an avid cyclist who leads "Bike With Mike" campaign events. Why walk when you could ride? VOTE MIKE O'BRIEN.
Proposition 1
This is the Low-Income Housing Levy. Voting for this levy renewal gives you a guilt-free pass when you encounter panhandlers. Free your mind and VOTE YES.
School District No. 1, Director District No. 4
Michael DeBell is an environmentalist who went to college at UC San Diego and Humboldt State. He'd be, like, totally righteous to have on the school board. VOTE MICHAEL DeBELL.
School District No. 1, Director District No. 5
Kay Smith-Blum is married to Butch Blum, the founder of Seattle's eponymous high-end clothing store. If Seattle public schools ever mandate school uniforms, with Smith-Blum on the school board you can expect them to be Zegna. VOTE KAY SMITH-BLUM.
School District No. 1, Director District No. 7
Betty Patu has too MANY random capitalized words on her WEBSITE. I feel like she's YELLING at me. I HATED when teachers yelled at me. VOTE WILSON CHIN.