County Executive
The first time I saw Dow Constantine speak he introduced John Doe at the West Seattle Street Fair. Dow said that he was a longtime fan of the band X. Larry Phillips is a good candidate for King County Executive, but nowhere can I find information that he spun "More Fun In The New World" while DJing at KCMU in the early-80s. Dow did.

Dow is also a knowledgeable advocate for increased public transportation services and options, and is solid on issues pertaining to the arts and bicycling. And the art of bicycling. VOTE DOW CONSTANTINE.
Court of Appeals, Division 1, District 1, Position 3
Robert D. Kelly's candidacy site's URL is (I had trouble even typing that because I could not locate the "~" key on my keyboard.) If you can't figure out how to purchase a simple web address and set up a masked redirect, then you shouldn't be allowed to sit on the Court of Appeals. VOTE ANNE ELLINGTON.
Port Commissioner Position 3
Rob Holland is endorsed by just about every mainstream and progressive Democrat in the Puget Sound region. David Doud is endorsed by Seahawks quarterback (and Friend O' Dubya) Matt Hasselbeck. It's a pretty easy call. VOTE ROB HOLLAND
Port Commissioner Position 4
Robert Walker has an awesome campaign URL ( and under "ENDORSEMENTS" he has photos of his brother's cats. Unfortunately I can't find any other reason to vote for him.

Max Vekich is a former state legislator who helped pass strong environmental standards such as the Growth Management and Truth in Labeling Acts. He's also good on labor issues, and even though his website has no pictures of cats... VOTE MAX VEKICH.
I hope we can all agree that Greg Nickels has got to go. Believe it or not, selling Seattle's soul to Paul Allen and not melting the snow fast enough last December are NOT the things about Nickels that really bother me. Rather it's my sense that he's made Seattle a less vibrant place. Remember when we had concerts on the pier? A basketball team? Cops with better things to do than hassle bar owners? I do.

I talked with Mike McGinn one-on-one back in June, mostly about transportation issues. After about 20 minutes he said to me, "You know, Doug, I'm the only mayoral candidate who thinks like you." He's right. VOTE MIKE McGINN.
City Council Position 4
There are two candidates I really like in the race: Dorsol Plants and David Bloom. They are both energetic advocates for Seattle's working class whose last names evoke a greener pastoral Seattle. At a recent candidate talent show at The Showbox, David Bloom did an awesome rendition of the 1960 Dion and the Belmont's hit "Teenager in Love." Dorsol Plants did one-arm push-ups. This was a good illustration of the most obvious difference between the two candidates: age. And while age should not determine how one votes in any race, it might be nice to have some young blood on Seattle's City Council. VOTE DORSOL PLANTS.
City Council Position 6
A Seattle City Council without Nick Licata would be like Milli with no Vanilli.
City Council Position 8
The Mikes Like To Bike, and with Mike O'Brien on the City Council and Mike McGinn in the Mayor's office Seattle might actually get REAL bicycling (as well as pedestrian and public transportation) infrastructure built, not just a bunch of phony green lip service like we get now from Greg Nickels and his developer-bound sycophants.
Referendum 1
This referendum is better known as the "Bag Fee," and any ballot measure whose opponents are funded by the petroleum industry to the tune of seven-figures is probably worthy of your approval. This is no exception.

A 20-cent fee will be imposed on disposable shopping bags and this will undoubtedly compel shoppers to bring their own bags, thereby reducing waste and petroleum production. (It's not that hard).
Some opponents argue that legislation like this is governmental social engineering. Yeah, well, so are stop signs. APPROVE.