Initiative 1125
Tim Eyman is back and he has another bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. Just don't put a toll on it.

Like most Eyman initiatives, I-1125 is a sloppy mess. It will require that all transportation toll rates be set by the state legislature, rather than by an independent transportation commission. So instead of experts setting toll rates for a project in Seattle, you'll have some legislator from Twisp or Zillah (who may know nothing of transportation in general or a project in specific) doing so.

But Eyman is really just a waterboy. The real devil in the I-1125 details is Kemper Freeman, the Bellevue developer who is bankrolling the initiative. Freeman doesn't want light rail to come to Bellevue. Why? Because he doesn't want "you people" coming to his downtown malls. And guess what? A provision in I-1125 states that light rail cannot run along the I-90 bridge, essentially killing light rail to Bellevue.

Don't let these two clowns stall the progress the Puget Sound region is finally making on sensible transportation projects, most notably light rail.
VOTE NO on 1125.

Initiative 1163
If you've ever gone to a movie at 4:00 on a Saturday afternoon you know that there are a lot of old people around. A LOT OF OLD PEOPLE. We are an aging population and we need qualified people to take care of our loved ones when it becomes harder for them to take care of themselves.

By administering criminal background checks and requiring basic training and certification, I-1163 ensures that home care workers are qualified professionals capable of properly caring for the sick, disabled and elderly.
VOTE YES on 1163.

Initiative 1183
The state of Washington has arcane and prudish liquor laws that hearken back to the days of nanny-state teetotaling, but these laws are getting better. State liquor stores are starting to stay open later at night, and opening up on Sundays and on holidays. Further improvements need to be made and I'm hoping our legislators keep taking steps to make them.

Meanwhile, Costco has spent $22 million dollars to fund the passing of this initiative. No wonder, then, that Costco stands to profit handsomely if this initiative passes. I would like the state to further loosen their reins on liquor sales and distribution, but my vote is not for sale like a giant pack of toilet paper. I know my loadie friends might object, but out of principle I will
VOTE NO on 1183.

Senate Resolution 8205
Yawn. SR 8205 fixes conflicting residency requirements for voters in Washington state. One part of the state Constitution says you're eligible to vote once you've lived in the state for 30 days. Another part says you're eligible to vote once you've lived in the state for 60 days. Doesn't anyone proofread the Constitution before it goes to press?

This resolution will make the residency requirement the shorter, 30 days, allowing more new residents to vote. This is good (unless they're from Dallas).
VOTE YES on SR 8205.

Senate Resolution 8206
Imagine you have a solid rainy day fund. Then one sunny afternoon an airplane's jet engine crashes through your roof. United Airlines writes you a big, fat check for damages, but instead of getting your roof fixed in preparation for the rainy days ahead, you stick the money in your savings account and hope it doesn't ever rain again. Doesn't make sense, right? Well that's what SR 8206 does.

When the state has windfall revenues (hard to imagine) that money will have to be saved, rather than spent on things that may have deteriorated during the bad times. Washington state already has a good rainy day fund, we don't need to "strengthen" it through this unnecessary new mandate.
VOTE NO on SR 8206.


Every left-leaning organization and individual on planet Earth has endorsed Lloyd Hara for King County Assessor. But so has my sworn enemy, Suzie Burke, the bike-hating unofficial "mayor of Fremont". Hara's running unopposed and will most certainly win, but I cannot support a man with such unsavory friends. VOTE PAUL KRUGMAN'S BEARD.

Director of Elections
I like Mark Greene's moxie. His voter's guide statement and website consist mostly of seven-year-old tirades against King County's former Director of Elections, Dean Logan. I can respect a good vendetta, but Mark Greene seems just slightly too crazy.

Sherril Huff has been the King County Director of Elections since 2004. She has overseen 20-plus elections and hasn't screwed any of them up.

County Council District No. 2
I loved Larry Gossett in An Officer and a Gentleman. His character made that movie, powerfully putting Richard Gere's Zack Mayo in his place, while still seeming vulnerable himself. Gossett's Oscar was well-earned, and it was, in fact, the first ever won by an African-American male in a supporting role. I haven't seen him in many films lately, and I guess that's because he's running for King County Coun... Oh, wait, what? That was LOUIS Gossett? Whatever, Mayo-naise. VOTE LARRY GOSSETT, JR.


Commissioner Position No. 2
Richard Pope has run for public office 11 times. He has lost 11 times. His won/loss record is worse than the Seahawks'. Gael Tarleton is endorsed by a bunch of rad people (and a few less-than-rad people too), most importantly people who are pro-bike and/or pro-clean environment. She's better than the Seahawks. And Richard Pope. VOTE GAEL TARLETON.

Commissioner Position No. 5
Dean Willard is a progressive whose Facebook page includes photos of his dog dressed up in a Vancouver Canucks jersey. Bill Bryant is a conservative whose Facebook page has photos of him at a Garth Brooks show. VOTE DEAN WILLARD.


City Council Position No. 1
Every so often Seattle makes big mistakes. The Kingdome, the viaduct and Candlebox are three of them. Electing Jean Godden to the city council (twice!) is another. The Kingdome was blown up, the viaduct is coming down and Candlebox was swept out to sea by a massive tidal wave in 2003. It's time for Jean Godden to follow suit and just go away. She has been an ineffective councilmember with no major accomplishments to her credit.

Bobby Forch is a strong advocate for police accountability, something that is sorely lacking on our current city council. He has worked for over twenty years in Seattle city government, starting as a laborer at SDOT and moving up to his current position of small business compliance manager. The man knows how city government works.

Seriously, if you vote just ONE city council incumbent out of office this year, make it Jean Godden. Godden's Gotta Go! (P.S. She's 80.)

City Council Position No. 3
Bruce Harrell has been a decent city councilmember, but his record on transportation issues is weak. Brad Meacham says he will make public transit and bike and pedestrian infrastructure major priorities. He's also an advocate for our local arts community, something that I'm not sure Bruce Harrell even knows exists ('cause, you know, he's like a total jock who hates on the drama nerds). VOTE BRAD MEACHAM.

City Council Position No. 5
I was pretty much just going to use this space to make fun of Dale Pusey's name, because, you know, his name is Pusey. But then I went to his website and found out that Mr. Pusey does not own a car; he walks, bikes and takes the bus everywhere. Just like me. I'm a Pusey too!

But you know who else rides his bike everywhere? Tom Rasmussen
. His name's not funny, but he's an attentive and responsive councilmember. VOTE TOM RASMUSSEN.

City Council Position No. 7
I don't like either of these guys. Incumbent Tim Burgess is the "law and order" candidate, a former policeman and rumored Republican who is an apologist for the SPD, no matter how dysfunctional that organization may be. His opponent, David Schraer, seems to have a personal vendetta against Mike McGinn, calling him a "yuppie environmentalist" (is that a bad thing?) and a megalomaniac. Since Mike McGinn is obviously the best big city mayor since Springfield's Diamond Joe Quimby, David Schraer is clearly delusional.

So in an effort to get him a new job, keeping him as far away from a baseball diamond as possible next year, I'm going to

City Council Position No. 9
Sally Clark was appointed to the Seattle City Council in 2006, when Jim Compton suddenly stepped down. With the power of incumbency she was easily elected to the council in 2007. Five years on the council and what meaningful leadership has she provided? Not much.

Dian Ferguson is an advocate for police accountability, citywide light rail and affordable housing. Most importantly, she's endorsed by Shawn Kemp. Let it rain and

Proposition No. 1
The best thing about plummeting property values is that levies to support local schools are tied to the assessed value of my home. So each day my home loses value, I owe fewer taxes. At this rate, instead of paying taxes to the County, one day the County will have to pay me! Or something like that.

Anyhow... low income kids + taxes = better schools... yeah, whatever. I'll


Seattle Proposition No. 1
I believe this proposition will pass. I also believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

If passed, Prop 1 will authorize a $60 increase in the Vehicle License Fee (aka "car tabs") beginning in 2012. I know this isn't popular and it is most certainly a regressive tax, but, you guys, it will be really, really cool. Seriously, we'll get some great stuff for everyone: dedicated bus lanes, newly paved streets, potholes repaired, new sidewalks, better crosswalks, more bicycle infrastructure, free beer on Tuesdays, and much, much more. It's crazy... all of that for just 16 cents a day!
It seems almost too good to be true, but I believe. VOTE YES on PROPOSITION 1.


School District No. 1, Director District No. 1
According to King County's Official Local Voters' Pamphlet, incumbent Peter Maier is endorsed by a ton of different people and organizations. Sharon Peaslee is endorsed by local meteorological icon Cliff Mass. And even though you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, VOTE SHARON PEASLEE.

School District No. 1, Director District No. 2
The tree of knowledge must be watered daily. Kate Martin has a degree in Forestry. VOTE KATE MARTIN.

School District No. 1, Director District No. 3
Michelle Buetow has a quote from Mr. Rogers on her Facebook page. That's good enough for me. VOTE MICHELLE BUETOW.

School District No. 1, Director District No. 6
Marty McLaren believes both Math and Art are part of a complete education. Just like da Vinci. VOTE MARTY McLAREN.